MCJ Editorial: Whoever wins NAACP election, winner must mend fences and move organization forward

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Who ever wins the Nov. 20 NAACP Milwaukee Branch election for president–current Vice President Wendell Harris or Atty. James Hall–he will have his work cut out for him.

It will take a Herculean effort to mend the fences that have been trampled on by opposing forces–current NAACP branch members and their supporters versus a small group of individuals who are unhappy with the way the branch has been run under the leadership of its current president Jerry Ann Hamilton, who is not seeking reelection.

It’s our hope that after the election of the new president and other branch officers, which will be held at the Metropolitan Baptist Church, the winner will reach out to the loser and mend those fences quickly!

There are too many dire issues our community faces that the Milwaukee Branch NAACP should be at the forefront of: job creation, education reform, guarding the gains won in healthcare, the continued inequities within the judicial system, the coming deluge of individuals reentering society from our state’s prisons…the list goes on.

The local branch has been too busy deflecting and defending itself from the accusations of outside forces dissatisfied with the efforts of Hamilton and her administration, which to us has been satisfactory and numerous, especially their effort to defeat the attempted takeover of the Milwaukee Public Schools by government.

Last week, we reported that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office found no evidence of wrong doing by Hamilton or the branch.

This ruling should signal to the community that the organization’s integrity has been vindicated and its future endeavors in fighting injustice should be supported.

If you are a member of the Milwaukee NAACP, we urge you to exercise your vote Nov. 20–regardless of whom you support in the election, Harris or Hall.

Those of you who were branch members but let your membership lapse out of neglect or dissatisfaction, we call on you to re-up your membership and get involved again.

Whoever wins the presidency will need your time, energy and ideas to refocus the branch’s full attention on the pertinent issues facing our community that are too numerous to allow itself to be caught up in those things that don’t have any bearing on our plight and continuing fight for justice.

Let both sides shake hands, mend those fences and sit down in the spirit of cooperation and begin strategizing ways the NAACP can continue championing the voiceless and powerless in our community.

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