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Miss Ghyslaine Tchouaga also known as Gigi, was crowned Miss Africa USA 2011 – 2012

on Sunday November 13th at the Hilton Hotel,  Downtown  Silver Spring, Maryland.

The Miss Africa USA Pageant’s Mission is to empower young African girls in America as Goodwill Ambassadors, while embracing their African Beauty and Heritage. Miss Ghyslaine hails from the Republic of Cameroon,  she was born and raised in Yaounde, the Nations Capital until she was a teenager when she relocated to the United States of America with her parents.

Miss Ghyslaine Tchouaga (Gigi) is 23 years old, a full time student at Montgomery College majoring in Nursing.

Miss Ghyslaine Tchouaga represented the Republic of Cameroon as Miss Cameroon USA and she was among 150 girls who applied for the pageant in 2011.  She was selected as the finalist for Cameroon and had to face 15 other delegates in the grand finals of the pageant.  She stood out not just as a beautiful young woman but most of all for her Pan-Africanist Spirit.  As regal as she is, she wasted no time in making her presence on the stage felt by the judges and the  audience.  Shortly after she was crowned Queen, she quickly hailed all the other 15 Delegates of the pageant for being so exceptional and dynamic and she praised God for giving her this opportunity to be the voice of millions of voiceless women and children and promised to use her title to fulfill some of her humanitarian goals in life.

Miss Ghyslaine Tchouaga is a Pan-Africanist whose mission is to raise awareness on the crisis facing the Horn of Africa today.  She wants the world to know that millions of people including women and children are dyning of Starvation in Somalia. She has teamed up with the Leon H Sullivan Foundation for the Somalia Project.  Please see the Video below.

Miss Ghyslaine Tchouaga, the reigning Miss Africa USA will also be working in Cameroon this year to make a difference in health care sector as well as education of the girl child. She will be leading the Cameroon Medical Missions both in Yaounde, the Nation’s Capital where she was born and raised and also in the Bafang area in the Western Region of the Country.

Ghyslaine’s goal with the Mission is to ship 2 containers of Medical Supplies and equipment to serve the under privileged, these supplies and equipment will go a long to help communities in need because health care is very poorly provided for in Cameroon.  Health care centers and hospitals very often lack basic supplies and Medical Professionals are often working without the necessary  equipment and supplies they need to do their job.

Ghyslaine loves to promote education because she knows the benefit of educating a child.  She will be working in Cameroon to promote education for children in under served communities and will carry out a back to school drive in September 2012 to help orphans and children in need.

With a busy 2012 calendar for the Queen, the pageant organization is encouraging all fans and supporters to help Ghyslaine achieve her goals  during her reign as Miss Africa USA 2011  2012.  You can continue to Follow Gigi on Facebook via the Miss Africa USA Fan Page or  follow the blog which will be updated on a monthly basis.








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