For Men Only: How To Ask A Woman Out

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By Gerald Payne    –

“Pssst, hey shorty!” “What’s up Ma? You looking good!” “Girl you must be tired, because you’ve been running through my mind all day long” are just a few in the long list of pick-up lines that you may hear a man say when a woman catches his eye.  But this is 2014 and times have changed. Women are not only more independent, but just removing them from the equation as a man, we should want more from our women.

If you’re truly looking for a mate and a real commitment (not just a “friend with benefits”), here’s some tips on how to ask a woman out like a REAL MAN.

#1 – Don’t Ask Her
In short, be a man about it.  Don’t be passive aggressive, wondering in the background if she likes you, if she wants you to ask her out or not, FIND OUT!  Go up to her, introduce yourself and ultimately ask her what time she’s available. Let her know when you’d like to take her out, then give her the option to let you know if she feels you deserve to be graced with her presence on a date.

#2 – Be Serious

If you want a serious woman, be serious. And never tell a woman:
“Let’s meet up”
“Let’s hang”
“Let’s kick it”
“Let’s chill”

No, she is not one of your boys. Treat her like the woman she is. A real man always has some kind of plan–even if it’s a loose outline–for the night’s festivities. The only time a man should ask “where do you want to go?” should be right before the word “next” after you have had fun doing the activities that you planned out and the night is still young. If you invited her out on a date YOU plan it. That means you pick the venues and events; yes, events plural.

#3 – Be Creative

If this is a woman that you’ve been trying to pursue, more than likely you want her to like you more by showing her what kind of a great guy you are.  You do that by appealing to all of her senses: taste, smell, intellect, etc.  If she’s like most women, she’s been out with the “regular guy” before.  Show her that you’re not “like all the rest.”  Do your research and find out what she likes to do, what she likes to eat,what makes her laugh, etc. and plan the date around that.

Women enjoy romance and spontaneity. And you’ll be able to show her both with the kind of date you create.  She’s both an intellect who needs to be mentally stimulated, as well as a goofy young woman with an inappropriate sense of humor, who needs to be stimulated with sarcastic wit and a dash of randomness. Or maybe the woman you’re going after is just a complete, off-the-wall creative person. Either way, she wants a well-thought out date, too.

#4 – Be Consistent

If there’s one complaint that I’ve heard from women both single, divorced and married it is that  they long for consistency.  If you spoil her with consistency and attention, she will spoil you with love and loyalty. A one night stand is just that, one night.  There comes a point in every man’s life where he’s tired of looking for another “one night”.  For some men it’s at an older age than others, but it does happen. If that time has come for you, know that she is not going to let down her guard completely for someone who she can’t count on.

#5 – Go “Old School” On Her

By going “old school” we mean being classic. Classic movies, classic music are just that–classic and they stand the test of time. Actually CALLING a woman on the phone or asking her out for a date in person is classic and will never go out of style.  Try it.  Unless the woman is not the one who enjoys true gestures of romance, nine times out of ten she will enjoy a call (instead of a text) to ask her out.

MEN, we have to check ourselves. Some males only commit to a woman, not because he is ready to be faithful to her, but only because he doesn’t want any other men having sex with her. The reason some males are hesitant to commit to a woman is because he is afraid to get his commitment broken. So many men go after the low hanging fruit of easy, sexual promiscuous women because he knows they will never ever break his heart. But if you step out of your comfort zone, then you just may get what you want: that ride or die woman that will stick by your side through any and everything.

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