Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon reunite on ‘The Tonight Show’

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First lady Michelle Obama will be reuniting with Jimmy Fallon this evening on his new version of The Tonight Show.

The first lady and the late night comic seem to have a special chemistry which played out over the course of his five-year run as host of the Late Night show.

In February of 2012, Fallon participated in a good-natured fitness content with Mrs. Obama to promote her “Let’s Move” healthy eating initiative.

Mrs. Obama and Fallon did push-ups and twirled hula hoops. They competed at dodge ball and tug-of-war. And the first lady triumphed over the comedian in a climactic potato sack race.

After a defeated Fallon said, “It doesn’t matter if you won or lost,” the first lady replied, “It matters.”

Last year, as a guest on Fallon’s show, Michelle Obama participated in a hilarious clip of “Mom dancing”, which became a viral sensation.

Tune in tonight on NBC to see what the first lady and Fallon do together next.


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