Milwaukee Author Releases ‘Speak Your Peace’

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Offering Raw Accounts, Solace, Help For Abuse Victims
MILWAUKEE, WI – Jodine Basterash is a survivor. The mother of four has suffered domestic violence at the hands of romantic interests most of her adult life, including an attempt on her life. For the past 12 years, the actress, model, radio host and president of Milwaukee-based Masterpiece Enterprises, a marketing company, has become a tireless advocate for abuse survivors who are still dealing with the emotional trauma. Her dedication to ending the horrors of this social epidemic has led her to create Speak Your Peace (Masterpiece/220 Publishing, 2013), an anthology of passages, short essays and poems told from the points of view of other domestic violence survivors.

Speak Your Peace will be officially launched on February 22nd during Speak Your Peace Weekend at Gene’s Lanes, 6315 W. Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee, WI, starting at 7:00pm. The anthology features contributions from women who have been affected by domestic violence, some of them multiple times and during their childhood. The compilation offers a raw, sometimes horrific look at the horrors of domestic violence and the continuing physical and psychological impact it has on its victims.
“As a survivor of domestic abuse, I feel my testimony and the testimony of the contributors will serve as a support and an awakening to those who are currently experiencing abuse,” said Basterash, whose moving life story was detailed in the book Your Ruby’s Worth and the stage play Shattered, but not Broken, which she co-wrote and starred in. A scene from the play is featured on the cover of the book.
“Domestic violence isn’t an anomaly among women. Many have experienced abuse on some level,” said Basterash, who also counsels abuse victims on her weekly radio show called “Speak Your Peace Domestic Violence Awareness Radio Talk Show on Brown Communication’s, B99.5 FM (, “Countless women will see themselves in these affecting stories and prose.”
The book offers tips including the tell-tale signs of a potential abusers and contact information for support groups across the country. A special foreword for the book was written by a nationally known domestic violence advocate and counselor, as well as survivor, Antonia Drew-Vann.
Speak Your Peace can be ordered through online retailers in both paperback and e-book formats, as well as at local book retailers across the country.






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