Milwaukee is out of control

Written by MCJStaff   // June 3, 2014   // 0 Comments

Feat-Proj_RCI_Milwaukee-Concordia-300x200Statement of Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.

It is extremely disconcerting that in neighborhoods where homeowners are struggling to keep their property values up, where neighborhood block
watches are in place, and where schools and neighbors work together to keep an eye on student behavior, we are seeing regular acts of lawlessness. In all honesty, how do these neighborhoods recommit to stabilizing themselves for the next generation of homeowners?

Unfortunately, some areas in the City of Milwaukee are out of control and there is no substance for a solution from the Mayor. In the area where the
homicide occurred yesterday in the 2nd District (near N. 68th and Fiebrantz), residents are feeling empty. They say:  “I cut my grass, I pay my taxes, I participate in neighborhood meetings, and this is what I get?”  My constituents in this area have borne the brunt of the negative statistics that surround the declining quality of life in Milwaukee.  Black-on-black crime seems to be ignored, and I truly think we are becoming desensitized by the rampant escalation of recent incidents, which
causes us to lose focus on the real possible culprit – a true lack of LEADERSHIP by our CEO!

I argue that because we have not seriously addressed our negative poverty statistics for many years (which have turned Milwaukee neighborhoods into
the OK Corral), we blame irrelevant entities for our systemic problems.  Well now the chickens have come home to roost.

Let’s get real, how long will we stick our heads in the sand and pretend that we have a plan to address this staggering economic crisis?


Alderman Joe Davis Sr.

City of Milwaukee

Milwaukee homeowners

Milwaukee neighborhoods

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