Milwaukee Marine keeps spirits high on deployment

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Story by Lance Cpl. Tyler Reiriz

Staff Sgt. Anthony B. Triplett, a staff secretary administration chief, waits for confirmation on a flight for Gen. David Berger, commanding general of 1st Marine Division, here, May 5, 2012. One of Triplett’s responsibilities is to drive the general wherever he needs to go.

CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan- The first interaction of a person’s morning can often set the tone for how the rest of their day will turn out.

That’s why Staff Sgt. Anthony B. Triplett, staff secretary administration chief with 1st Marine Division (Forward), makes sure to start every day with a smile on his face.

Triplett, 29, a native of Milwaukee, began his Marine Corps Career in 2003. His recruiter told him the Marine Corps had the most difficult basic training. Triplett, a lifelong athlete, couldn’t turn down the challenge.

The Marine Corps has taken him to South Carolina, California, North Carolina and Minneapolis.

No matter where he ends up, Triplett said he makes sure to bring his positive attitude with him.

Sergeant Joey Cruz, assistant security manager serving with the division and native of Long Island, New York, said when he first met Triplett as a Lance Cpl. at the School of Infantry West in 2004, he already had his signature upbeat attitude.

“Every day was exciting, working with him,” he said. “He brought kind of a twist to the every day Marine experience.”

Though he has always been a happy person, Triplett said one experience affected him more than any other. In 2007, Triplett lost two Marines he was personally close with within a few days of each other. He said that their deaths made him realize that every day is a good day to be alive.

Today, Triplett is serving at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. His role as administration chief means he works for the Commanding General of 1st Mar Div. (Fwd).

Triplett prepares administrative documents before they are ready for the general’s approval. A large part of his job is processing the paperwork for awards for Marines serving with the division.

For Triplett, it isn’t hard to stay positive and maintain a good attitude in the office.

“It’s just his nature to be a good person,” said Cruz. “He knows how to have a good time and keep Marines spirits high. Out here in Afghanistan where we’re already under stress, to have somebody who is able to joke around professionally is a good thing.”
Triplett uses his sense of humor to make Marines feel at ease during the workday. He is an equal opportunity comedian, willing to joke with Marines of any rank. It is not an uncommon sight to see Triplett stick his head in different offices to take a few minutes to joke with Marines in different sections.

He said he always makes sure to have a good attitude when he is working with junior Marines.

“When you first come in the Marine Corps, those first leaders you see influence you a lot,” he said. “It’s important to show younger Marines that they can do their jobs and still have fun.”

Triplett said it hasn’t been hard for him to stay positive while serving in the Marine Corps.

“My time in the Marine Corps has been like a roller coaster,” he said. “It has ups and downs, but it’s always fun.”

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