Milwaukee Police Association Reflects on labor organizations service to community

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by Michael V. Crivello, President Local # 21, IUPA, AFL-CIO

The Milwaukee Police Association (MPA) is the labor organization which represents the rank and file of the Police Department, 1700 strong. Our membership comprises the dedicated Police Aides, Police Officers, Identification Technicians, and Detectives of The Milwaukee Police Department.

While it is the absolute mission of the MPA to advocate for the needs of our members first-and-foremost, we do so always conscience of the greatest concern—protect and serve the community.

A labor organization (union) offers the greatest opportunity for labor peace—the cohesive endeavor which ensures the employee is best positioned and cared for; as to enable the employee to provide the utmost service or product to the customer/community.

The bargained agreement between a labor organization and an employer solidifies the wages, hours, and conditions of employment between the employer and employee.

Once contracts are ratified and secured the distractions of the relationship (employee/employer) are eliminated, and/or extremely mitigated.

Conversely, non-represented (non-union) employees find themselves in a work unrest situation. Non-represented employees are all-too-often subjected to the whims of the employer as to untimely and unfair dismissals or disciplinary actions. These same non-represented employees may be less productive as the detractions promulgated by the employer cause the employee to stand alone in constant fear of the employer.

Organized (unionized) employment generally affords for greater personal opportunity while ensuring the collective body is truly a diverse competitive pool. Certainly unionized work places offer the best opportunity for employment/hire.

Without doubt the individual stands a greater chance for fair treatment when he/she stands with co-workers (union brothers/sisters); likewise employers who oppose unions and divide the workforce do so at peril and/or negative impact to the customer/community.

Labor organizations have long stood for the everyday man/woman; your neighbor—your father, mother, brother, sister the individual who is simply focused on hard work. And for the effort nothing more than fair treatment ans wages are all that is asked. The goal of labor organizations is simply to fight for the rights of the family while truly making our communities a better place to live and work.

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