Milwaukee well represented at 38th annual PUSH convention in Chicago: Day Cares cry out to Reverend Jesse Jackson

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Pictured with Rev. Jesse Jackson are Joan Hollingsworth and ViAnna Jordan.

by United Alliance of Day Care Providers

On June, 12-16, Reverend Jesse Jackson hosted the 38th Annual Rainbow PUSH Coalition Convention last week in Chicago at the McCormick Place Convention Center.

Thousands were in attendance including labor groups, business leaders, clergy, athletes, and political activists. The main theme that echoed throughout the convention was a weakened U.S. economy and the urgent need to fortify a united front in order to address the concerns of the coalition.

“Our cities are in financial crisis and teachers, transportation workers, and all who do the hands-on work that make our cities run are the first to feel the effects of budget cuts. It’s time to enact real change for working families and all America.

“It’s time to reverse the policies that resulted in jobs and investment flowing out, drugs and guns flowing in. It’s time to reinvest in America and put America back to work,” declared Rev. Jackson.

The Rainbow PUSH conventioneers took a ride back down memory lane to the civil rights era when we were an amalgamated proud people. Jackson reminded his audience of the importance of being united and suggested that this is not a time to sit back just because our president is black.

He further commented we have an obligation to join together and mobilize. The unity effort should not only be local but global. The effort should be executed with more vigor than ever to ensure our dreams become reality. Additionally our reluctance to put pressure on our black elected officials, as well as others in local, state and national government has weakened our ability to have the black agenda seriously addressed.

Rev. Jesse Jackson acknowledged before a standing room only audience of national leaders the mistreatment of Milwaukee’s day care providers. He encouraged. Milwaukee leaders to become a Rainbow PUSH chapter or affiliate.

Childcare providers of Milwaukee have been unsuccessful with numerous attempts to get help from the State of Wisconsin and Milwaukee County. With no hope and no outlet in Milwaukee, United Alliance of Day Care Providers, (UADCP) sought the help from the renowned civil rights activist, Rev. Jesse Jackson and his organization, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

Rev. Jackson reassured the UADCP he would assist in efforts to seek justice. Attorney Willie Gary, prominent lawyer, who is best known in legal circles as ‘The Giant Killer’ for taking on some of America’s most powerful companies and winning, was well received by UADCP.

Representatives from Milwaukee at the PUSH Convention included: Wendell J. Harris, Vice President of Branch NAACP; Joan Hollingsworth, Milwaukee NAACP Acting Chair Political Action Committee, Co-Founder of the UADCP; Ralph Holman and wife, President Urban League; ‘Mama Rosie’ Caradine Lewis, NAACP Education Committee; ViAnna Jordan, Co-Founder of UADCP, Activist; Shanquil Merriwether, Member of UADCP; Shontina Gladney member of UADCP; Connie White, IDA Program Specialist, Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation.

Also, highlighted at the convention was the record breaking number of lost homes and businesses due to foreclosures. Mr. Don Graves, from the Department of Treasury, promoted President Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).

HAMP deals with loan modification, trial modification, and permanent modification so people are able to remain in their homes. Some loans have been modified to as low as a 2% interest rate Mr. Graves said the Treasury Department has given money to the banks to assist home owners from going into foreclosure and understands the difficulty in acquiring a modification loan.

Mr. Graves suggested when people run into these types of snags they should contact him by email at or phone him directly at (202) 622-9939. He is a policy advisor and wants to know if President Obama’s initiative has been accessible to you – Main Street..

On, Tuesday, June 15th, at the ministerial luncheon, in attendance were well over 200 bishops and clergy from around country. Rev. Jackson said,” There is a move in our nation to foreclose on churches.

” He went on to point out the effects of economic hardships churches and other religious community groups are enduring to keep afloat. Many are closing and need our help to keep these grass roots efforts from disappearing altogether from our neighborhoods. A special recognition was given to Rabbi Alysa Stanton, America’s first black female rabbi.

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