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get-attachment.aspx15Erick Hall is asking the community to contact him if it has any information about his 13-year-old daughter Kayla, who he has not seen in five months.
According to Hall, Kayla’s mother was arrested for child abuse in 2009.
In 2012, Hall said Kayla’s mother abandoned her into his care. A year later, Hall states, the mother petitioned and was given full custody and placement of Kayla. Though Hall’s daughter reportedly lives in Texas, her current location and health status are unknown. Hall says he has never abused children, nor are their any allegations of abuse against him. Yet, according to Hall, the Milwaukee County courts has not been helpful or understanding of Hall or his attempts in locating his daughter.
According to Hall, multiple attempts have been made by Texas Child Protective Services and the Houston Police Department to locate Kayla.
Anyone with information as to Kayla’s whereabouts should call 414-339-0624 or email bringkaylahome.com.

For more information about Kayla and Hall’s attempts to find and regain custody of his daughter, go to: bringkaylahome.com.


13-year-old daughter Kayla

Erick Hall

Houston Police Department

Texas Child Protective Services

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