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Hope of a natural birth spurs Sabrina Kertcher to her weight-loss goal

FIRST PERSON account by Sabrina Kertcher

My story is not unlike many others. I ate too much and didn’t exercise at all. My journey towards weight loss started with my dream to have a healthy pregnancy that didn’t end in a C-section. My doctor told me I could increase my chances of avoiding a C-Section by losing weight.

I sat in the office at 233 lbs. and asked my doctor what I should weigh. She told me that she did not want to “discourage me,” but that minimally I should be at 155 lbs. I have tried many diets before and have successfully lost weight, but didn’t sustain the weight loss; that is the hardest part. I have the motivation to begin… now what?

First, I started eating more fruits and vegetables with every meal. I could have easily eaten an entire frozen pizza alone, but to lose the weight I had to learn to stop at two pieces and use fruits and vegetables to fill me up. I learned which fruits and vegetables were best for losing weight and started eating more carrots, apples, bananas, oranges, spinach, broccoli, etc. I also learned snacking is not the enemy, but snacking on healthy things like trail mix, vegetables, fruit, hummus, chips and salsa, etc. was the key to staying full and energized throughout the day.

When I started, finding time to exercise was hard because I was working full-time, going to school full-time, and my husband and I are raising our two small children. I was seeking my bachelor’s degree, so I signed up for some courses that offered activity.

I took a conditioning class, played lacrosse, and even tried broomball. Aside from that, I lived close enough to the college to bike to school, so I rode my bike to school every day.

When I was at work, I used my breaks to take a walk around the building and climb every flight of stairs I could find. Now that I have graduated, I go to the gym three to four times a week, play outside with the kids, and walk at work. What I learned about exercise is that you have to just do it. At times, all I could do was a 10 minute walk, but every little bit counts. Plus, once I do it, I just feel better.

Lastly, staying motivated is the key to sustaining my weight loss. I kept “goal pants,” which were jean I would purposely buy too small and try them on monthly until I fit them and then buy another pair.

Stress and feeling bad about not losing weight would start a cycle of overeating all over again. I had to train myself to stay positive and celebrate even the smallest progress. I remember being excited that I could run from the back of the parking lot to the front without being winded.

Now that I’m at my goal weight, my journey continues and each day is a chance to prove that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.





Mission: Makeover


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