Moore worked to help Navy build ships in Wisconsin

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Contract for Marinette could Create Jobs in Milwaukee

Congresswoman Gwen Moore

Milwaukee, Wis. – Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) has long worked to help Wisconsin-based Marinette Marine get a contract to build new naval ships.

The contract could create jobs at Milwaukee-based DRS Power & Control Technologies, Inc., which makes electronic parts for the ships.

Congresswoman Moore said, “To help bring our economy back, we have to build things in Wisconsin again.  I know we have the best workforce and that no one can out build us.  I will keep working to ensure that these ships can be built in Wisconsin, and help suppliers create jobs in Milwaukee and throughout the state.”

Moore was active in getting the U.S.S. Freedom commissioned in Milwaukee, and she has spoken to the Secretary of the Navy and written to the President in support of bringing this work to Wisconsin.

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