More and more congregations aim to reclaim Christmas

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Black Christian News (
William Doherty wasn’t among the throngs in the shopping malls on Black Friday. He was in church.

Doherty, a professor in the Family Social Science Department at the University of Minnesota, is part of a growing backlash against the commercialization of Christmas.

Last year, he helped his church, Unity Church Unitarian in St. Paul, Minnesota, hold a worship service on what has become known as Black Friday, the official kickoff of the holiday gift-buying bonanza and biggest retail-shopping day of the year.

The program, created by three pastors in 2006, was being presented this year in as many as 1,500 churches.

This year, he is helping launch a similar “Black Friday at Church” event at New Hope Baptist Church in St. Paul.

The protest against Christmas consumption, organized by the Advent Conspiracy, has become an international phenomenon.

”We don’t know exactly how many churches are using it, because we’re not in this to make money,” said one of the founders, the Rev. Greg Holder from the Crossing Community Church in suburban St. Louis. “The program is out there for anyone who wants to download it (off the Internet).”




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