More Owners are Recognizing the Need to Control their Social Media Presence

Written by MCJStaff   // March 29, 2014   // 0 Comments

black-business-ownersby C. Daniel

According to the latest findings from the “Local Commerce Monitor, Franchisors are increasingly becoming actively involved in the local online presence of their franchise businesses, often funding and controlling their digital marketing strategies.

The study estimated their franchisors covered, on average, 43 percent of the online presence costs of their individual businesses, for things like website development, landing pages, enhanced listings and online video.

Franchisors have a vested interest in the online ratings, reviews and customer comments about their individual franchisees, leading some franchisors to limit or filter social media used by franchisees. More than half (51 percent) of franchisees surveyed stated their franchisors are “highly involved” with the social media presence of their local franchise businesses (e.g., they require the local franchise to run public dialog with customers through the national corporate website).  View entire article here.



Local Commerce Monitor

local online presence of their franchise businesses

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