More than 45 percent of School of Medicine and Public Health graduates will enter primary care

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MADISON—More than 45 percent—or 67 members—of the 2012 graduating class from the UW School of Medicine and Public Health will pursue residencies in primary care, according to the results of Match Day held earlier this month.

Primary care includes internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics.

Overall, 23 students were assigned primary care residencies in Wisconsin medical institutions.

Seven of the 11 students (64 percent) in the Wisconsin Academy of Rural Medicine (WARM) were matched into primary-care slots and 8 of the 11 (73 percent) will complete their residencies in Wisconsin. WARM is a program designed to prepare students for practice in rural areas, where the need is great.

A total of 148 SMPH students matched into a residency during Match Day, which is scheduled simultaneously at all medical schools in the country. Soon-to-be doctors receive their assignments based on preferences submitted weeks earlier.

Forty-eight UW students matched into Wisconsin hospitals and clinics with 36 in UW affiliated programs.

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