NAACP puts forth early efforts to inform on Voter ID requirements

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by Harriet C. Callier

When asked for suggestions on how to best serve individuals who will be most affected by Voter ID requirements in Wisconsin, members of the Milwaukee Branch NAACP were among the first to provide the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) with a short list intended to directly reach the most under-represented populations. The in-depth forum was the main focus of the Regional Conference of the Wisconsin NAACP Conference of Branches this past weekend in Madison, WI.

Kevin Kennedy JD and Nathaniel Robinson JD were joined by the City of Madison Clerk’s Office to provide a review of the voter ID bill that is scheduled to pass in the Wisconsin Legislature. Kennedy is the Director and General Counsel of the GAB; Robinson is the Division Administrator for the Elections Division of the GAB.

After a detailed explanation of each of the key elements of the final version of the Bill, Kennedy and Robinson opened the floor to questions and answers for over an hour. It was revealed that this forum before the NAACP was the first ‘training session’ provided by the GAB on the requirements and anticipated implications of voter ID.

It is worth noting that Robinson is the only African American to hold a state-level position nationally that is chiefly responsible for oversight of voter regulations.

The State Conference of Branches will move rapidly to disseminate this voter ID information—beginning with its Annual Education Summit that took place Saturday, May 21. Milwaukee served as the host city for the state-wide Education Summit that was held at Springfield College (744 N 4th Street).

Wendell Harris, Chair of the State NAACP Education Committee, secured Naiz Kasravi PhD to present the NAACP National Office’s study that addresses education versus incarceration spending disparities. Eric Von moderated a panel discussion on this topic and its relationship to Wisconsin. Workshops were tailored to address a broad range of topics that directly impact the educational opportunities of African Americans.

The comments above are the personal account and experience of Harriet Callier and is not to be misunderstood as speaking on behalf of any Unit of the NAACP. Callier is an independent healthcare administration consultant. Her community activism includes membership in the Milwaukee Branch NAACP and State Education Committee, past Membership Secretary of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County and present Senior Field Agent for the ARACOPA Coalition for Social Justice.

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