Nearly 17,000 Wisconsinites Demand End to Walker Education Cuts

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Will Joint Finance Committee Ignore Call from Wisconsinites to Protect Wisconsin’s Kids?

Madison — Nearly 17,000 Wisconsinites have signed One Wisconsin Now’s online petition demanding an end to Gov. Scott Walker’s unprecedented attack on public education, which includes a loss of $1.7 billion for public schools. The GOP-controlled Joint Finance Committee is scheduled to take up many of Walker’s draconian cuts to public education during a hearing today.

Our children’s futures are being sacrificed to pay off massive campaign spending by the school privatization industry and to finance endless tax cuts for corporations,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “The people of Wisconsin have spoken and they have rejected the Republican plan to slash $834 million from public education, skyrocket tuition for students in Wisconsin and dismantle the technical college system.”

Gov. Walker’s dismantling of the state’s public education system to pay for tax breaks for corporations includes:

  • Walker’s budget cuts an unprecedented $834 million from our kids’ public education including the first time in history schools’ local revenue is below present funding levels. All told, public schools may lose as much as $1.7 billion under the Walker scheme.
  • Walker’s budget puts college education further out of the hands of Wisconsin students by hiking tuition at UW-Madison by an astonishing 20 percent and cutting $250 million from the university system.
  • Walker’s budget slashes $100 million in student aid, targeting disadvantaged and minority aid in particular, and completely ends the Wisconsin Covenant college affordability program.
  • Walker’s budget raises taxes on low-income Wisconsinites by $51 million by gutting the bipartisan Earned Income Tax Credit and the Homestead Tax Credit.

What makes Gov. Walker’s cuts to education most offensive is that he has pushed for over $200 million in new tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy at the same time,” said Ross. “Every dime in tax breaks to big business and the wealthy is coming out of the education funds of our kids.”

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