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Putting the Neighbor back into the Hood: Neighborhood House

Neighborhood House is the epitome of perseverance. One of the oldest community-based organizations in Milwaukee, the organization has faced and overcome many fiscal challenges—especially in 2008 when it endured and overcome significant deficits.

First and foremost, Neighborhood House (NH) prides itself on being a safe haven and healthy environment for urban children and families. It offers wrap-around services aimed at improved the physical and mental health of families.

NH has been able to link families to much needed resources because of its strong partnerships with organizations such as the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, United Way of Greater Milwaukee, Jewish Family Services, the National Institute of Health and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Among the many programs offered through NH are Safe & Sound, Violence Prevention Initiative, Fighting Back and United Way’s Healthy Girls.

Other programs include the Cal Ripken Badges for Baseball and Milwaukee’s Childhood Obesity Prevention Program (MCOPP) which promotes physical activity and healthy eating habits.

NH monthly Wellness Wednesday has been so successful that on any given month hundreds of participants come out to partake of free healthy dinners and entertainment with health-focused presentations and screenings.

Topics such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, nutrition, smart grocery shopping and healthy cooking classes are offered during these popular sessions.

NH is truly a neighborhood experience. At the crux of this organization’s success is its parent advisory board which was established to parents and staff to communicate with each other, while working together to strengthen their children.

NH also offers one of the highest quality early childhood education programs in the City.

It houses one of 16 nationally-accredited programs in Milwaukee’s more than 1,500 state-licensed childcare centers. Its International Learning Center (ILC) promotes adult literacy, numeracy, pre-GED and citizenship for Milwaukee’s refugee population.

Neighborhood House is committed to building strong families and maintaining a vibrant neighborhood through family-focused programs, initiatives and involvements. That’s how Neighborhood House keeps the ‘neighbors’ in the hood.






Neighborhood House



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