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 Mt. Vernon, NY ( — Pastor W. Franklyn Richardson was among the first to take issue with Donald Trump’s and Newt Gingrich’s assertions that there were no role models in America’s African American communities by offering to take them to meet those persons whom they say do not exist. Meanwhile, Pastor Richardson’s 4,000 member Grace Baptist Church congregation was finalizing plans to present a leather bound copy of their first congregational book, Reflections From The Pew…A 36 Year Journey… And The People Speak About W. Franklyn Richardson, to their pastor and role model.

Reflections From The Pew, a compilation of 360 reflections by Grace members, describes the Rev. Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson’s involvement in every aspect of the human conditions of their lives. Available through The Bookstore At Grace, the book is a continuation of the church’s recognition of their Pastor’s 37th Anniversary as servant leader of this 123-year-old congregation founded by five slave women.

Deacon Malvina Chambers, co-chair of the 36th Pastor’s Anniversary committee, proposed the book idea. “We are honored to take this opportunity to let our Pastor know, to some extent, what he means to us on an individual basis. He has touched so many lives and made such a positive impact on the lives of so many people that I thought he should know how much he is appreciated with a gift that will continue to support and uplift him, at his fingertips, whenever he needs it,” said Chambers.

Aisha Prim, M.D. describes Pastor Richardson in her reflection as being “driven by integrity and compassion – a man of faith, who is socially conscious and exudes love for God’s people… I have also witness, firsthand his tireless efforts to live out the true meaning of being a disciple of Jesus Christ outside the four walls of 52 South Sixth Avenue.” Pastor Richardson also serves as chairman of the boards of directors of National Action Network (NAN), Conference of National Black Churches (CNBC) and Virginia Union University (VUU).

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