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The Weight Loss Grail, a brand new food program, burns up to 10 pounds weekly while creating a major buzz in the weight loss industry.

(DALLAS, Texas) – – June 13, 2012 – – The Weight Loss Grail ( is a brand new food program that eliminates up to 10 pounds weekly and is already creating a major buzz in the weight loss industry. The normal risks associated with losing weight and dieting, such as; starvation, dangerous diet pills, weight loss powder mixes, low carb dieting, low fat dieting, low calorie dieting, or the loss of muscle mass are completely avoidable with this program. This is because weight loss is achieved through a scientific combination of particular foods that increase the body’s metabolism.

However, the most important benefit is that The Weight Loss Grail is an answer of relief to the ongoing and increasingly deadly elements of chronic inflammation and obesity in our society, and so much so that modern medicine now confirms that chronic inflammation is a main contributing factor to all major diseases including heart disease, obesity, as well as accelerated aging. Likewise, in terms of executing this weight management program, age is not a determining factor.

Dr. Gokhan S. Hotamisligil, a Harvard expert on inflammation’s role in obesity, supports this revelation, saying “Inflammation is a well-established, major cardiovascular disease risk factor, with chronic inflammation as central to the underlying cause of obesity. Interestingly, researchers had already discovered a link between inflammation and obesity as long as 15 years ago.”

The summer season is, generally, considered the best time of the year to begin a weight management program, given what can be environmental challenges during the winter season. And, while The Weight Loss Grail does not claim to be a miracle cure in the combating of excess unhealthy weight, it is a major proactive step to take in greatly contributing to the positive management of overall health.

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