New Divine Destiny School promotes Christian ethic

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by Taki S. Raton

Divine Destiny School (DDS) announces its fall opening Tuesday, September 3 at 4240 North Green Bay Avenue. Serving children in the K4 through 6th grade levels, the mission of this Christ-centered academy is, in part, to “dedicate ourselves to Christ in the pursuit of academic excellence and artistic challenge while growing in knowledge and wisdom through God’s abundant grace.”

The curriculum of DDS is structured to empower and equip students by developing, in the mission’s account, “their God-given gifts” towards becoming “passionate leaders to change the world on their journey to their Divine Destiny.”

DDS has the vision of providing a Christ-centered educational program focusing on spiritual growth and academic excellence which honors God in all divine attributes.

“Our philosophy,” says DDS founder LaQuetta Hutchinson, “is that each child is unique and we are dedicated to encouraging our students to achieve their full academic potential.”

She adds that the school will “offer a balanced curriculum that develops the social, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of each child through challenging course work, artistic and creative expressions, and spiritual training by the finest Christian educators.”

DDS hires the best educators in their respective instructional arenas who serve as key partners in the actualization of the school’s vision and mission. Administrators and teachers proudly assume the responsibility for the building of future scholars by molding students in the realizations of their God-given academic, talents, skills and ingenuous gifts.

Included in the goal listing, the DDS student will be able to: know the Person of Jesus Christ; be spiritually discerning to seek God’s will and utilize their unique gifts and abilities; exhibit integrity and high moral character; develop Godly leadership and service skills; be influenced by spiritual guidance in their lives and daily conduct; Integrate current technology in their course of study; apply learned skills to real life circumstances; develop an understanding and appreciation of other cultures, and communicate ideas through effective speaking and writing skills.

Inspired by the motto “Educational Excellence With A Kingdom Purpose,” DDS will additionally build in their students the character traits of citizenship, organization and time management, job skill readiness, instruction of a Biblical work ethic, compassion and respect for others, and the application of Biblical principles in personal relationships.

Working in partnership with the home, Divine Destiny School will nurture Christian ethic cultivation in the family; support the area Christian community by encouraging regular attendance and commitment to the local church; educate parents on the popular cultural imagery and programming which may impact on the home and on the raising of children; assist parents in the understanding of the schools mission, vision and goals; encourage volunteer service, and inspire parental input regarding school policy mandates and implementation.

Applications for the fall term are now being accepted. For enrollment information and for questions regarding transportation and uniform policy, please contact the Divine Destiny School at (414) 264-DDSI (3374).









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