New documentary about the word ‘Ghetto’ seeks funding

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The film “OMG, That’s So Ghetto” will explore the present-day use of the word ghetto while also shedding light on the history of ghettos in the United States.

Nationwide ( — Holocaust survivors, beat cops and reporters, drug dealers, community leaders, activists, writers and even teenagers have one thing in common in this film – a relationship with and an interpretation of the word “ghetto”. This film will depict the director’s tour of the country, asking a myriad of individuals about what the word ghetto means to them. “OMG, That’s So Ghetto” is in the fundraising stages and needs to raise $64,000 in order to finish filming. This film will explore the present-day use of the word ghetto while also shedding light on the history of ghettos in the United States.

“Where did the word originate?” “How did ghettos in the United States form?”

“When did the word become an adjective?” When used, are there undertones signifying race and class differences? How do we remedy the epidemic of the ghettos here in America?

Questions like these will be asked and answered in the film. The film will also feature the lives of individuals affected by the ghetto, both in America and even those who have had experiences with Jewish ghettos in Europe during the Holocaust.

This film aims to challenge stereotypes, highlighting how the poor and underprivileged are viewed and spoken of in this country. The film needs to raise $64,000 and is using the popular crowd-funding site, Kickstarter to do so

( Time is of the essence as the Kickstarter campaign has less than 25 days left, and if the goal is not met, the film will not receive ANY of the funds raised thus far.

Surprisingly, this topic remains unexplored in the cinematic world and the impact that this film will have on the way we view ghettos in America is imperative. Click the link and watch the trailer, and be inspired to join in on the journey and help make this film a reality. Help explore what ghetto means to America and join the ghetto reformation movement.

Xposé Films is a production company based in Los Angeles, Calif. seeking to make films that expose and challenge the thoughts and attitudes of the heart and mind towards various issues facing us in today’s world.

For more information or to contact OnTay for an interview, please contact Lorena Ventura at (424) 224-2115 or email at [email protected]







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