New Horizon Center seeks Crisis Stabilization/Mentoring applicants

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by Taki S. Raton
New Horizon Center, Inc. (NHC), 4650 North Port Washington Rd, is announcing openings for Crisis Stabilizer/Mentor applicants for its Crisis Stabilization Program.
Although females are included in the select service population, Crisis Stabilizer/Mentors are needed to attend to a significant number of male youths who may have emotional and behavioral issues. The stabilizer/mentor will be required to go into the youth’s home, school, or community to de-escalate a crisis.
Client age levels could range from elementary to eighteen-years-old. A viable Crisis Stabilizer/Mentor applicant must have the modeled maturity to guide, direct, and inspire appropriate conduct in a client behavioral challenged circumstance.
An applicant must be a minimum of 18-years-old, have a high school diploma, a social security card, two letters of professional reference and be on-call available 24-hours, 7 days a week. A valid driver’s license, proof of auto insurance and a dependable car are additional requirements.
The applicant must also pass a driver’s license and criminal background check, participate in an interview and undergo forty-hours of unpaid required training.
Crisis stabilization is defined as a short-term or ongoing mental health intervention designed to evaluate, manage, monitor, stabilize, and support the youth’s well-being and appropriate behavior consistent with a structured individual client plan.
Intervention is provided in or outside of the youth’s home. The stabilizer will assist the family or youth caregiver to recognize high risk behaviors; reflectively model and share effective intervention strategies to deescalate crisis, and identify and assist the youth with accessing community resources that will aid in stabilization and in the adoption of alternative desired behavior patterns.
The New Horizon Center’s Crisis Stabilization Program operates under the administrative oversight of the Milwaukee County Wraparound MUTT (Mobile Urgent Treatment Team) program to provide needed services to at-risk youth.
The goal of the Crisis Stabilization Program is to stabilize a crisis situation as quickly as possible and prevent further trauma to avoid unnecessary institutional placements.
A multidisciplinary approach is engaged to address the complex needs of each youth while building upon their strengths and individual talents.
A corporation licensed by the state of Wisconsin to operate three group homes and a girl’s shelter center, NHC abides by its mission “To actively combat the individual and community problems that contribute to the needless waste of human resources.
To encourage youth to become actively aware of and consciously cultivate their greatest potential for human development so that they are continually becoming productive community citizens.
Persons interested in applying for the Crisis Stabilizer/Mentor positions should contact NHC Crisis Stabilization director Tyesha Alexander or Lawton Merritt at 562-3332.

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