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Nationwide ( — Africland is a social network that is meant for Africans, both in the continent and Diaspora. This site offers a rare opportunity for people with African ancestry to link up, learn and networking with one another all over the globe. Launched on April 7th, the site has seen an exponential growth of members who have had positive feedback. Founder and administrator, Lorenzo Were, candidly talks about the site and his objective.

According to Lorenzo, he came up with this idea after realize how out of touch African descendants were with each other, the misconceptions, misunderstandings and almost a near case of suspicion from one another. Lorenzo knew that not everyone was in a position to travel back and forth between the continents to interact and network, so he thought it best to bring the networking and interaction into our homes. This site is intended to bring more of cultural awareness, professional and business networking that would lead to development among the African families both in the continent and abroad.

“I chose the name Africland because I wanted something people may relate to easily and not seem too alien,” says Lorenzo.

So far, Africland is progressing steadily, and with many users putting up their personal information, they wonder who Lorenzo Were is. Were is a native East African, From a Nilotic tribe that’s found all over East Africa from Kenya to Ethiopian to Sudan among other parts. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and currently pursuing masters in the same field.

Were comments, “I love technology, and my dream Job would be to work for NASA. If I was to do it all over again, I would want to be an astro-physicist, because I am obsessed with how the universe works our place in the universe, curiosity to what/who may be out there in the space. I day dream of space all the time, if NASA came to my door and told me that there is a one way ticket to go to Jupiters moon Europa, with no chance of coming back, I would take it and die a happy man.”

He continues, “I am fairly travelled and hoping to be able to return to East Africa in the next two years to participate in creation of our own model of Silicon Valley. I believe my continent have too many resources that if we put our minds together, every African can live a middle class lifestyle that is more rewarding than the west. I love soccer, rugby, basketball and camping trips. I have very little patient for TV and Hollywood stuff, but i do love different cultures other than my own.”

With a new unique social site custom for Africans and friends of Africa, all are welcome to sign up for free. Users can create a profile with real names to help their friends, colleagues, schoolmates and family to locate them easily. Users are encouraged to upload pictures so as to build trust and make others feel comfortable interacting with you.

The site exercises a free speech and terms and conditions, and only asks for respectable level of civility as it tries to build a strong community. Users can easily invite friends, both on their other social networks (i.e Facebook), as well as your contact list on your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and other email providers.

Were comments, “The foundation has been laid, but it is going take each and every individual user to put the pieces together to build this site into what we would wish it to become.”

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