Not this Kind of Man

Written by admin   // April 26, 2010   // 0 Comments

The Stories that Caught My “I”

While reading the newspaper recently, this particular story caught my “I.”

For all young men who read our paper, this is not the kind of man you ever want to be.

In a press release, Tiki Barber, former Giants running back, now NBC sports caster, is leaving his wife, Ginny.

Many people separate and divorce, but this man is leaving his wife who is eight-months pregnant with twins.

What kind of man leaves a woman when she is pregnant and issues a press release to announce his departure.

As usual, it is alleged that he is leaving his pregnant wife for an intern at NBC. What kind of man is this?

Whatever their problems are surely he could have waited until his children were born. I can only imagine that this is a very stressful time for his wife, which could very well endanger the babies. What a dog! The couple has been married for over 11 years and has two sons.

To all the young men who look to this guy for any leadership, please find someone else to model yourself after.

Creating life is a gift from God, something to be cherished and treated respectfully.

Yes, I know none of us are perfect. but we don’t have to live a dogmatic life style where sex becomes more important than caring about your children. Sad!

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