Obama issues executive order on cyber security

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President Obama released an executive order aimed at enhancing the nation’s ability to defend against electronic attacks, sources confirm to Fox News.

The long-anticipated order, which comes amid growing concerns over the nation’s vulnerability to cyber attacks, will direct federal agencies to share information about cyber threats with companies operating critical infrastructure.

The draft order, which has been revised several times over the past few months, puts the Department of Homeland Security in charge of organizing an information-sharing network that rapidly distributes sanitized summaries of top-secret intelligence reports about known cyber threats that identify a specific target. With these warnings, known as tear lines, the owners and operators of essential U.S. businesses would be better able to block potential attackers from gaining access to their computer systems.

An organized, broad-based approach for sharing cyber threat information gathered by the government is widely viewed as essential for any plan to protect U.S. computer networks from foreign nations, terrorist groups and hackers. Existing efforts to exchange information are narrowly focused on specific industries, such as the finance sector, and have had varying degrees of success.



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