One person can make a difference in what goes on in the world, especially in politics

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With the Name of the Most High

I seek refuge in the Lord of the Dawn

From the mischief of created things,

From Darkness, as it overspreads,

From those who practice the secret arts

And from the envious one, who practices envy.

Can you imagine living in the days of the dinosaurs? You would have had to hide all the time. There probably was no way for us to coexist with some of the most vicious creatures that walked on the Earth. Living in those kinds of situations wouldn’t permit us to develop because of being driven by fear all of the time.

The vegetation of the Earth was enormously potent back then. That is why the animals were so large. Even early men of long ago were very tall – nine feet was the average height.

Men like Noah and Abraham were not only tall; the average life span was about 100 to 900 years. Because of man’s failure to live up to his potential, God Almighty destroyed the Earth.

There was a catastrophic flood which also caused man’s descendants to suffer from a diminished quality of the soil. The vegetation, which the Earth produces now, is not growing from the same soil that produced the giants of the Earth back then. And it is the lack of nutritional quality in our foods, which is causing the human race to shrink with each generation. Perhaps this lack of nutrition is what caused the regressed mentality and a skewed spirituality that is prevalent today.

Why do you think we still haven’t figured out how those Black Nubians built the Pyramids? Who do you think discovered the value of zero? Yes it is an Arabic number; but where do you think the Arabic language originated – it was Africa. Let me save that for Black History Month! Now, because of man’s disobedience, his days were shortened on the Earth. As a result, we have less time on this proving ground to show that we are worthy of this elevated position.

Yes, we are the dinosaurs of the Earth now. It is not our size that makes us the dinosaurs; it is the fact that we have the intellectual dominance of known created things. How are we using this favor and/or why are we letting others use it for their aim?

It appears that we have been following minds that mirror the vicious and small, pea brain of the Tyrannosaurus Rex (tyrant). We send our young men all over the Earth, ripping out other people’s guts, devouring their children and demolishing their nest.

You better look around. There is a spiritual, mental and physical war going on. If the males in society won’t come out to protect the images that feed our children’s intellect, the women will have to mobilize and do so.

I saw a National Geographic segment once. A male lion was attacking a baby giraffe. Of course the giraffe was in the care of his mother giraffe. When the mother saw the lion take charge toward her baby, she charged also.

I thought she was going to sacrifice herself to save the baby giraffe. But no — she got in range and kicked the lion to kingdom come. If he wasn’t mortally wounded, he was close to it. Then she led the baby back to the fold.

Who is going to protect our young innocent girls and boys? If it’s a man’s world and they won’t do it, the women must. It is said that it is a punishment from God Almighty on a society/community when the women have been put in charge over the men as leaders.

We can see today’s industries using media to corrupt young minds. When I was growing up, you would be hard pressed to find the programming on adult TV that you find in cartoons airing for children right now.

Who is responsible – we are because we turn a deaf ear and blind eye to what is going on in our living rooms!

People make excuses like, “Let the other people worry about it; I’m just one person,” or, “Well it keeps the children quiet while I’m on the phone talking about nothing.”

The individuals who control the media and run Madison Avenue have desensitized our morality, preoccupied us with greed, gluttony for power and lust; we have been put to sleep – no, correct that! We’ve been put in a coma! Do you really believe that this country is doing what God wills or are we following the Anti- Christ?

How many boys and girls have been raped for years under holy cloaks and other so-called caregivers such as foster parents, daycares and even teachers? It is an epidemic. Is this the republic of the people? “One nation under God?”

All I’m saying is, one person CAN make a difference in the outcome for many.

If they have the courage to standup and speak a word to the right, they will be a catalyst for the correction of much of this social breakdown. It may not be popular and it is not going to be easy. But our success is dependent on people coming out in force to stand behind these kinds of people in the up-coming election. Vote for people who are willing to fight for the good and decent people of this country – and for the good and decent people of the Earth. You can’t continue with the status quo and decide by failed tradition and family names.

You are going to have to look for the new minds which stand on the old principles set in place by the Creator Himself.

I implore you to be compelled to do your research, go to town meetings and talk to the candidates.

Question them (grill them) and LISTEN CAREFULLY!

There are many opportunists out there and their small selfish thinking should be extinct like those dinosaurs and beasts that were wiped out by the changing times. Look for the signs! Out of the mouth speaks the heart.


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