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By Rachel Royal

Time is endless. It is given to us in seconds, minutes, hours, days and years. It is measured and designed by God for its specified purpose.

But what is the purpose of time? Many of us ponder that question at one time or another in our lives. We ask why do seeds grow into plants or vegetables? Is there a greater meaning behind this cycle of life that is continuous; that has no end?

As a nation, we should learn to better co-exist with nature, respecting the divine timeline created by God.

The steadfast adherence to God’s laws will unlock reality and will shield us from evil. Unfortunately many of us do not adhere to His laws, which is why we, like the Children of Israel, are wondering aimlessly in the wilderness of a secular society.

These troubled times that we live in—full of conflict and hardship—is a test of our commitment to God. We must not allow the evil of this world to change our emotions and our hearts to the point we totally forget where we came from as a people and forget the God who sustains us.

We can no longer put our faith and trust in secular, unholy things that waste our precious time while oppressing us and taking our focus off the spiritual.

Time is of the essence! We must remain devoted to God’s laws, for it is the rock of our salvation, our faith and our integrity.

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