Our 'better angels' were on display during Oak Creek tragedy

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It was during the Community Journal’s 36th anniversary fete that we learned–from Mayor Tom Barrett –about the mass shooting at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek that took the lives of six worshipers and critically wounded a police officer who was among the first responders to the incident.

This newest tragedy, weeks after the mass shooting in a Aurora, Colorado movie theater, again gives us, the city, state and nation, pause to think about the preciousness of life and shudder at the seemingly endless depths of evil that exists in the hearts of–thankfully– a few lurking in the shadows of our society.

It was inspiring to see the outpouring of the human spirit–our better angels if you will–coming through…like the Salvation Army to comfort the survivors and the grieving families of the victims; the doctors at Froedert Hospital who attended to and mended the wounded of this atrocious attack.

The civil rights organizations representing a multitude of ethnic groups, such as the NAACP and political leaders from President Obama to our governor expressing condolences and calling for brother and sister hood; a rainbow of religions and Christian denominations offering prayers of healing, peace and reconciliation–even to the shooter, Wade Michael Page (who reportedly shot himself; not by a police officer as initially reporrted; during his rampage) and his family, who are also grieving for the victims and the lost soul of their son, brother and friend.

The many citizens–representing all racial, ethnic, religious persuasions–who held prayer vigils for the fallen and wounded. They no doubt called on the Power that is in Heaven to influence the powers that be on earth to turn our “swords” into “plowshares” of peace; to give us the courage to confront hate and tame its rage, warning it that we are not afraid, nor will we be seduced by the bile it spews forth.

The Community Journal joins the tens of thousands in expressing our sincerest condolences for the loss of life and to the families who now grieve for sons, daughters, fathers, grandfathers and friends. May God be with you! Peace and blessings!

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