Paragon boot camp corps launches ‘Operation Neighborhood’ initiative

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Paragon Boot Camp Corps has launched Operation Neighborhood Initiative to create safe, crime-free, and secure neighborhoods throughout our communities.

By providing alternatives to prison and incarceration through boot camp-style training for offenders and at-risk individuals ages 18 to 30, our program is designed for individuals who show the will to improve, but need guidance along the way; individuals who are not a significant risk to society but need training in discipline, respect, and common considerations.

Our program requires participants to undergo three Phase categories, (First Phase, two months; Second Phase, three months; and Third Phase, three months) the length, of which, depends on the participants assimilation to the program.

During Phase One, participants will not only train, in physical fitness, but are also required to be part of our Community Service Program as a volunteer.

Participants will be involved in street cleaning, block cleaning, lawn maintenance and snow removal programs, block watch programs, community meetings, fund raising campaigns, local food pantries, community events on safety and against crime, victim awareness rallies, and many other community events designed to enhance our society.

There is a lack of attainable employment (with benefits) and the need for vitality in unstable and broken lifestyles for this demographic. The problem in this demographic is not only the availability of willing employers, but also the necessary life-skills training needed to enhance the quality of these applicants.

It is not enough to simply provide these individuals with job training and employment workshops, structured life training in punctuality, responsibility, accountability, and integrity is needed for this demographic. Without these vital life skills these individuals will only accomplish the bare minimum, and not realize the importance of taking pride in their accomplishments.

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