‘Parenting Between Households’ Group for Divorced or Separated

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‘Parenting Between Households’ Group for Divorced or Separated

The Parenting Network Offers New Free, Weekly Group

Milwaukee, Wis. – The Parenting Network announces a new weekly discussion group for parents who are in the process of divorcing or separating, or who are seeking support for shared parenting responsibilities while living apart. “Parenting Between Households” is a free program offered Tuesday from 6-7:30 p.m. at The Parenting Network, 7516 West Burleigh Street , Milwaukee.

This group provides opportunities for parents to learn new skills, develop more effective ways to communicate, and learn strategies to problem solve and manage stress. “Parenting Between Households” also offers guidance on how to help children navigate changes and how to access community resources. This group is led by trained facilitators, but the content is determined by the participants.

Co-parenting and shared custody or placement present unique challenges for parents,” said Jan Buchler , Executive Director of The Parenting Network, “We created this group because parents requested additional opportunities to connect with others experiencing the same issues. Moms and dads can learn from each other and from the facilitator.” Buchler added that while some parents may choose to attend the group together, it was not a requirement.The Parenting Network also offers “Cooperative Co-Parenting,” a three-hour workshop that meets the Family Court requirements of divorcing couples with minor children in Milwaukee County . This workshop is offered twice monthly for $45 per person. In 2010, over 400 individuals participated in “Cooperative Co-Parenting” workshops.

To register for “Parenting Between Households” or “Cooperative Co-Parenting,” please call the Parent Helpline at 414/671-0566. More information about The Parenting Network can be found online at theparentingnetwork.org.

Since 1977, The Parenting Network has served families throughout the greater Milwaukee community through its mission to strengthen parenting and to prevent child abuse. Services are provided:

At Home – home visiting and case management services for any family in need

At School – healthy relationship education to prevent sexual violence and teen pregnancy; parenting education for expectant and parenting teens

In the Community – confidential Parent Helpline and a wide variety of parenting education and support classes and groups developed for specific parenting populations at sites throughout Milwaukee County

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