Pastor Brenda Kearney

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A life-long resident of Milwaukee, Pastor Brenda Kearney has always had a heart for helping and ministering to people. Her desire to make a change in the lives of people is what drives her to travel the country, training and equipping people to serve others.

After graduating from Riverside High School Pastor Kearney attended Sacred School of Nursing, Milwaukee Theological Institute, Lakeland College in Sheboygan and Grace Theological Seminary in Loris, South Carolina. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lakeland College, with an emphasis in religion and a Doctor of Minister degree from Grace Theological Seminary.

She has served as pastor of two different churches since 1986 and she currently serves as Senior Pastor of Maranatha Christian Fellowship, located on 59th and Burleigh. One of her primary sources of inspiration and joy is the School of Ministry, which she founded in the early 1990s, now called Worders’ Worship. At Worders’ Worship, Pastor Kearney hosts classes once a month for pastors, ministers, exhorters, and teachers who want to minister the Word of God, as she seeks to train and equip them for ministry. She also conducts 15-week training workshops at other churches throughout the country, as part of this ministry.

Pastor Kearney believes that God has called her to raise up, train and equip people for ministry and she seeks to do that through not only teaching, but passing her knowledge and wisdom on to others and helping them understand that God’s charge for their lives is to serve and not to be served. To date more than 300 people have taken her training classes.

One of Pastor Kearney’s most enjoyable ministries is organizing monthly meetings for the community called the “Breakfast of Champions.” She stresses that these meetings are intended for anyone who wants to be a champion, used to be a champion or is a champion. During the “Breakfast of Champions,” Pastor Kearney regularly brings in speakers and authors who serve in leadership roles to encourage, motivate, offer correction if needed, and provide help to leaders in the community. .

Pastor Kearney has a humble spirit and does not like talking about herself. When pressed, she said that she would like to be remembered for her service to others and she would like the community to know that she tried to do something that would edify—especially to those that society has deemed as ‘underdogs.’ She is passionate that they need a voice and that their lives need to be validated. She wants to encourage those people who don’t have big names or mega churches, but are still valuable community leaders. She said that in the body of Christ, there is equal validity and value, and she wants those laboring in the vineyard to know, understand and embrace the fact that God recognizes and loves them, and that they and their service matters.

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