Patrice Downey in Concert

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Patrice Downey appeared in concert, before a packed house at Broadway Baby Dinner Theatre and Lounge on Mill Road in a concert titled, “Melodies of Love featuring Patrice.”

Many of you perhaps have heard of the sensational recording artist, song writer and producer. Patrice is a very talented vocalist. Hearing her will remind you of  singers Jill Scott, Janice Joplin and a few others. At the same time, she allows you to feel her brand, which is all about love and relationships.

Nationally renowned spoken word artist, Dan Vaughn was the host.

The band I-94 opened the show. Also performing with Patrice were Tamara Sherie, Virgo Brown and the very talented Tala Ferro. We were thoroughly entertained right from the start. Patrice welcomed and thanked everyone who came out to enjoy an evening of love.

There was much humor as Ferro let his presence be known. Not only is he a talented singer, he could be a stand-up comedian as well. He rocked the house with a blue piece titled, “I’m not pimping no mo.” He turned folks out, had us cheering him. Vocalists Tamara and Virgo were equally as talented and funny as they joked with Ferro.

Patrice and Company opened with an Ode to Hip-Hop music, singing some of their favorite hip-hop songs. The audience joined them in singing several of the songs.

Tamara treated us to a lovely solo. She and Virgo have awesome voices as soloists. “I wanta be high all the time, I wanta be with you all the time, 24 hours a day. “You got me in a daze. Your love is like candy, there’s just something about your love that makes me high and I want to be with you all the time.” It was a nice song.

June Perry and Penelope Stewart were in the house. Patrice has several CD’s in local record stores. Check her out. I’m sure you will enjoy her brand.

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