Phase 3 of the Stop the Violence Town Hall Meeting Thursday April 5

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This Thursday, April 5th come to Silver Spring Neighborhood Center for
Phase 3 of the Stop the Violence Town Hall Meeting.

Youth will express their concerns about the adults
Phase 1 town hall meeting Yoth said..
1. Feels the Adults don’t care about them
2. Don’t want their parents to be there friend BE PARENTS!!
3. Do not have respect for their parents

Adults will express their concerns about the youths

Phase 2 Town Hall Meeting
1. Adults don’t know how to be parents
2. Stress because of Job Market
3. Law about discplining their children

Phase 3 we will address these concerns and more.

This is open to everyone


Teen violence or youth violence is an ongoing problem and has been
identified as a public health issue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Violence
among teens includes acts of bullying, homicide, rape, robber, suicide
and other violent acts where the teen can be a victim, an offender or
witness to the violence. There are several risk factors that are
related to teen violence: Drugs, Alcohol, Poor Family Functioning,
poverty in the community, poor grades, lack of youth activities, etc.
In some ways of help stopping some of the teen violence is: Make teens
feel like they are in control of their own lives and destinies;
Provide Teens with job training, Create an atmosphere that always
includes an adult who nurtures and supports the teen, help teens
develop a Consistency optimistic attitude.

Tracey Dent – President of Peace for Change Alliance

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