police chief appears before the Equal Rights Commission

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Three Milwaukee aldermen called on the city’s police chief Friday, to appear before the Equal Rights Commission to provide concerned citizens answers to the handling of the Darius Simmons homicide investigation. Aldermen Milele Coggs, Ashanti Hamilton and Jose’ G. Perez made their request in a joint statement the day after they attended a community meeting at Rufus King High School about the Simmons case. Simmons is the 13-year-old who was murdered in front of his mother by neighbor John Spooner on the city’s near Southside. Spooner believed Simmons was involved in a series of burglaries of his home. Spooner shot Simmons despite the fact the youth had his hands in the air and denied involvement in the burglaries. The aldermen expressed disappointment in Flynn for leaving the meeting–which was planned for weeks–to attend another event before members of the community could question him about the Simmons case. “As public servants we know that opportunities for communication and information exchange with residents are critically important, because they offer the chance for healing and understanding on sensitive issues,” the aldermen wrote. “In this instance, we think a very real opportunity at fostering communication and understanding–and perhaps, healing–was lost.”









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