Popcorn and Popsicles: Don’t Let Your behavior Cause A Delay

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To your right is a picture of Smidget, my last dog, enjoying a sugar free popsicle. Popsicles and popcorn were among his favorite treats. While I know that many animals are spoiled by the people who love them you would be hard pressed to find a family that could be more effective at making a dog rotten than ours!

Last week I shared the story of the little white dog that my mother found on her way home. I excitedly shared that we had to wait seven days to give his owner time to claim him, and then if unclaimed, we would be able to bring him home and spoil him as we had our other dogs.

As the dog waited in ‘doggy detention,’ he had no idea that a great situation was already worked out on his behalf.

Last week’s article reminded us that while we are going through difficult times, God has already prepared us for victory and provision. God loves us so much that he has placed “popcorn and popsicle” situations just other side of our storms. Last week, I would have said, “all we have to do is hold on and wait for the manifestation” however, this week I need to add an ingredient to the recipe for success: Act right!

The little white dog, which is smaller than an old school phone book, proceeded to go to doggy jail and act a fool with the employees. Perhaps he was trying to act tough to impress and keep away the other much larger dogs on the cellblock. His strategy backfired.

He ‘talked crazy’ to the vet to the point that the vet couldn’t finish the medical exam because he was growling and trying to bite him. Then the staff tried to give him the required heartworm medicine and he acted like he had no home training and was naughty through that as well.

He misbehaved so badly in fact, that although our application was accepted and his adoption was initially approved, his behavior made them decide not to adopt him out and he remains in doggy detention.

Right now he is lying in a cold cage instead of a warm bed simply because he is making bad choices and showing his teeth unnecessarily to the very people who are trying to help him. He cut off his own blessing through misbehavior during a difficult time.

The truth is that a crisis does not make you behave a certain way, it simply puts on display what was already inside of you before the crisis showed up. Our little furry friend has some stress management issues he needs to resolve before he walks into his blessing!

How many times have you and I delayed a good thing by not behaving in the way that was best? How many relationships have ended because someone’s pride would not allow them to apologize or seek peace? How many degrees have gone unfinished because someone allowed discouragement to set in?

Many times our stressors simply show what resides in our spirits and exposes the areas that need to be ministered to by the Spirit of God. There are blessings waiting for us if we simply line up to the will of God and behave like we want a home beyond where we are right now.

This week, examine your response to stress and ask yourself – am I behaving the way God would want me to or am I delaying my rewards through bad behavior. Don’t delay your popcorn and popsicles – act right!








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