Posh Baby Blankets by Minky Couture

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Most adults remember and wish they still had their plush baby blanket. Remember the one your Mom couldn’t pry from your fingers and could only wash when you napped? We remember the fabric, the texture and its comfort. Minky Couture designer infant and adult blankets are just that, fluffy as a cloud and eco-friendly. The best part is they are customizable. Gifters can design them, choosing matching colors for their nursery and printsat MinkyCouture.com. Minky Coture even has matching adult blankets. Perfect for Mom’s movie night at home or when she just needs a nap. http://www.softminkyblankets.com/


Tired of Losing Baby’s Shoes? ToeBlooms are a simple solution to the frustration moms feel when they come home with just one shoe! This adorable line of stylish baby footwear stays on thanks to an innovative wrap design. ToeBlooms are perfect for moms who don’t like the idea of crammingbaby’s feet into stiff shoes. Toe Blooms can be worn with or without socks. Choose from a variety of colors and styles. See more at: http://www.toeblooms.com/category-blooming-wraps There’s also ToeBuds for baby boys: http://www.toeblooms.com/category-toebuds

$20.99 to $24.00. Available at: www.toeblooms.com


Pronounced Clean-Ih-Mals, Kleynimals are a non-toxic, eco-friendly, set of food grade stainless steel decorative keys. Satisfy baby’s desire to play with metal keys, without risking lead contamination, injury from sharp edges, or the germs that cover our keys. Eli the Elephant, Gus the Giraffe, and Leo the Lion are the sweetest keys we’ve seen and are safe little toys for babies 6 months and up. Not only are they made in the USA, the materials are also procured from a mill right here in States too! Kleynimals are available at www.kleynimals.com with personalization available.

Molar Muncher

Gnaw, chomp and drool – the Molar Muncher was invented when young mom, Devin Reed, was trying to find a solution to soothe her son’s molars. After researching the available products without any luck, the mompreneur came up with a hands-free way to soothe the entire gum line, safely and effectively! Combining the traditional pacifier construction with a soft, BPA-free U-shaped tab, the Molar Muncher is placed in the mouth and reachesall the way back to the molars. This not only comforts the entire mouth all at once, but the unique shape prevents any choking hazards! This innovative design prevents the possibility of affecting the positioning of the teeth or causing what is commonly known as “buck teeth.” Made of BPA-free silicone, the Molar Muncher design is lightweight, hands-free and can completely replace the need for your child’s pacifier! www.molarmuncher.com

Spiffies Cleaning and Teething Wipes

Individually packaged towelettes containing a xylitol rich formula, Spiffies Cleaning and Teething Wipes have been shown to be therapeutic for reducing bacteria in the mouth, as lower bacteria levels means fewer or no cavities! Great for using on-the-go or when baby is asleep, and especiallyafter night-time feedings. Invented by pediatrician Ray Wagner, MD, parents have claimed that they also soothe inflamed gums when cooled in the fridge much like the cool compress and massage recommended by the AAP. www.spiffies.com


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