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by G. Maajidah Abdullah

Powerful Black woman, free as a bird.

Flying high over the Blackman’s head and

Laying a big turd.

Gliding by the pass of the government’s wind –

Destroying the cornerstone of your family and breaking your husbands.


He doesn’t have a voice in society, but why not his house?

Do you use your money to usurp your spouse?

Every ship has a captain; and I never heard it said,

That a man was satisfied, not even a weak one – KNOWING –That a woman controlled his head.

He knows how to hurt you with other women in his bed.

Then if you flirt, he will reject and then desert you and your children.

He’s already gone; he fled.


Next to women, it’s said that a man is superior.

They’re not talking about males with a zipper in the anterior.


If you have a good man, you have to do your part.

If you’re well grounded and really smart,

You’ll see he’s trying in a hostile society to get a start

And make some money to bring home the bread.

Lady, remember that you’re the heart

Of the family, and not the head.


Hey Lady, I know it hurts to think that it may not be his entire fault. It’s hard to take an objective look at oneself.

We were working so hard to help our family get ahead that we followed the Willy Lynch plan that was put in place by this society.

Basically, that plan was to subjugate the African American (Black) man, and to undermine his image from the viewpoint of his woman and the world. She was created to be his helpmate – not his leader.

I know what you’re thinking; I’m not going to follow that man anywhere. I’ve said it myself.

Truthfully, that kind of thinking is not going to get us where we want to go. The statement is a subconscious utterance that is uttered out of habit.

Yes, he’s got to show us something that will give us a little confidence in him and build some trust. Likewise, we need to give him a little incentive that will foster change that will lead to a better complimentary association between you and him.

The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth set everything in motion in organized order. Satan tries to prove his point. He says, “They are not worthy to be above me.” So Satan follows-up the Lord’s Orders with his suggestions.

In this case, it is to undermine the man’s dignity and position of honor. Satan makes a situation where the man is stripped and appears weak. Women don’t respect a weak man. So the striving, educated woman discounts him, which allows low status and immoral women use him.

Because he doesn’t want to be alone, he must just go with the flow. The man who doesn’t have an advantage of status and money or power has to lead somebody. What’s left for him to lead is out in the street.

If you happen to have one of those more sought after men, you better be ready to share him with a number of competing women using every trick to make him his.

You’re a fine, decent kind of woman and you settle for a man who should be happy to have you. He’s not really on your level, so you expect a little humbleness on his part. When he tells you something and you don’t agree with him but you want to be polite, you put him on the “PAY YOU NO-MIND LIST.”

Now, if you are one of those Safire women, you’ll talk to him as if he’s a child and tell who did it, what for and why not. Then dare him to do anything about it.

The immoral women are slick. They tell a man what he wants to hear. All the time, they are lying to him making up all kinds of excuses as to why it didn’t, couldn’t and won’t get done.

Then if he starts to get smart to their tricks, they smooth him out and pop that “wilie.”

Some woman straight out tell him, I got other men I see, so don’t get it mixed-up. The female may claim that the other men take care of them monetarily and whatever the excuse is. The guy thinks, she sees me because I know how to lay it out to her. He takes pride in being her stud. His ego needs some appeasement.

The Black powerful woman is left alone and deserted because–what? She did not spend enough time learning the art of being a woman? They have special schools, which train women for leadership/management roles. I went to one and after I finished that year, they sent my loan back to the government and refused to give me my very good grades. I was young and did not know how to fight back. In these schools are an array of subjects to lure women from their vitally important role in the family so they can be tools of corporate America.

She can’t keep her man because she doesn’t see the need to do so or she doesn’t have the social and/or physical skill. Let me admit that many of the men today are looking for with well-developed “bedroom skills.” They don’t try to get a young lady to shape and mold in order to fit his criteria.

Virgins are out. Many men have been frolicking with the common women so long they believe that being “experienced” is the number one quality sought. All too often, these kinds of men don’t see the social and family value of this Black powerful woman.

Men and woman in our community are at a stalemate. A house divided cannot stand. The man finds some clay more pliable and moves on. The woman spirals out in left field and becomes victimized by the world.

The children are clamoring for love, attention, guidance and nutrition. I have seen women working and going to school as a single head of household.

They don’t even have time for themselves. Their children get involved in the worse situations.

The get into drugs, are used sexually and become promiscuous. They get lost in the street life. In too many women achievers’ minds, everything and everybody has to move to the side until they get their doctorate, law degree or M.D. If they get pregnant, it is aborted.

When these women do achieve their professional or academic goals, sometimes it is at the cost of their sanity. They have no peace and they are lonely because their life is in disarray.

I have known some of these ambitious women to even commit suicide after all that sacrifice. The lifestyle these professional women worked so hard to acquire has left them in the lurch.

The higher a woman ascends on the social scale in the corporate world, the more she needs the balance of a man – and visa versa.

Society and the media says men and women are equal. But every month, she has a cycle that throws her system out of balance.

Physically, a woman is not as strong; emotionally her sensitivities make her more vulnerable than men – not to mention when she is with child. Let’s face it. Biologically, politically, psychologically and economically, men have the edge.

Let’s pull it together in a complimentary relationship. We can do this by making concessions that reinforce a stronger family and united community. Women control much, if not most, of household spending. Wake up my people and come out of the desert! Please bring your family with you. Remember to support your community’s small businesses.

The views expressed by Ms. Abdullah in her column are entirely hers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or management of the MCJ.


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