President Hines on City Hall Fix: ‘We must act responsibly’

Written by admin   // January 26, 2012   // 0 Comments

I commend the Common Council, the Department of Public Works (DPW), and the consultants for the actions taken in addressing the concerns related to the City Hall restoration project.

Constructing the scaffolding has allowed us to protect our staff members and citizens, and obtaining the expert examination of the exterior will enable us to determine what actions we may take as it relates to certain restoration issues.

City Hall is a beautiful, landmark building and an iconic symbol of Milwaukee. It is “a building of the people,” and when using taxpayer dollars for capital improvements we must act responsibly.

The Public Works Committee and the Common Council are working to ensure that any problems with the building are addressed appropriately and with safety as the foremost concern.

The public has entrusted us with the care, upkeep, and repair (where necessary) of historic City Hall – they want that work done correctly and are not looking for us to engage in unproductive finger-pointing.

The city will consider all of its legal remedies; however, legal issues may take a substantial time to resolve.

At this time I hope the restoration process can be brought to closure. Let us get the job done and completed the right way.

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