President Obama visits Master Lock

Written by admin   // February 17, 2012   // 0 Comments

President Obama pointing while emphasizing a point during his visit to Master Lock manufacturing on Wednesday.

 “President Barack Obama makes a point about bringing jobs back to America during his visit Wednesday afternoon to the Master Lock manufacturing facility, located on Milwaukee’s north side at 2600 N. 32nd Street. President Obama praised the company, which makes locks and other security devices, for bringing 100 jobs back to Milwaukee’s central city from China. The president challenged other local and American companies to follow Master Lock’s example during his hour-long address before Master Lock employees, management and dignitaries representing local, county, state and federal government. He reemphasized his call for greater economic fairness in order to restore the nation’s economy. Master Lock was highlighted during President Obama’s State of the Union address as an example of an American company reviving–through action– the spirit of “Made in America” and pride in American innovation and manufacturing.” (Photo by Yvonne Kemp)

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