President of closing Everest College vows not to abandon its students

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To the Editor:

Last month, I arrived in Milwaukee to become the new President of Everest College, a downtown campus that currently offers practical, career-oriented courses to about 280 students. I will also be the school’s last president.

As the Milwaukee Community Journal reported on September 14, Everest has made the difficult decision to close our Milwaukee campus after about two years of operations. We came here in 2010 with a terrific new facility, many years of experience in higher education for working adults and high hopes.

Unfortunately, our campus did not achieve the academic and professional results that we and our accreditors demand for our students. We fell far short of the expectations we set for ourselves and we regret that deeply.

But we are not turning our back on this community or our current and former students. The national organization that owns Everest, Corinthian Colleges Inc., has made a substantial financial commitment to ensure that students who did not succeed will not be left in debt. And all of us at Everest Milwaukee are committed to offering those students who have enrolled with us a quality education throughout the remainder of their programs.

When Corinthian Colleges opened the Everest Milwaukee campus, we had good reason to expect success. Corinthian serves 91,000 students in 26 states and Canada, on 116 campuses and online. Some of our campuses have thrived in cities with challenging economic conditions, such as Detroit. Last year, Corinthian’s schools had more than 49,000 graduates and 68% of them found employment in their fields of study.

Corinthian’s schools demand, and routinely deliver, solid results. We are closing Everest Milwaukee because it did not perform. But we still have much hard work ahead of us. We will continue to conduct classes until all our currently enrolled students complete their programs next spring. And we will offer our students career services and job placement assistance for months after they graduate. As a veteran of 30 years in career education, I’m personally committed to helping our students succeed in the classroom and in the workplace.

All of us at Everest are sorry to leave Milwaukee. But in the months ahead, we are determined to do a good job for our students and our community.

Robert Johnson

President, Everest College Milwaukee









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