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Rashawn Spivey, the owner of Hero Plumbing, LLC (, a locally owned and operated minority business is living the dream. He started going out on plumbing jobs when he was 10 years old, joined the local union as soon as possible, became a Master Plumber and formed his own business in 2010.

The company has a focus on any sized Commercial, Residential or Industrial Plumbing Projects including Service, Repairs, Ongoing Maintenance, Remodeling and Construction.

Recently, Hero Plumbing, LLC completed plumbing in the first two apartment buildings scheduled to be opened at the newly renovated Westlawn. In addition, Hero Plumbing, LLC is working to complete an additional 18 Single Family and 138 Townhouse units at the same location. The company is very proud to help renovate, build or repair any commercial, residential and industrial facilities throughout southeast Wisconsin.

Hero Plumbing, LLC is a signatory contractor of Plumber’s Local 75, in addition to being their President. The Owner has been involved with local union activities over the years.

What separates the company from their competition is their extensive Experience, Honesty and the fact that the company is fully bonded and insured. In addition to being one of the youngest business owners in the area, he has more extensive experience than his competition. His dedication to the industry and the community is shown with outstanding Customer service provided and the company always serves as an Advocate for their Customers.

The company’s culture is based on doing each job right the first time. A personal motto of Mr. Spivey is that “You only get one name”, so because of that you need to build a solid name for your business and the community you serve. In their industry, bad word about a company spreads quickly, therefore Hero Plumbing, LLC is almost obsessed with perfection in plumbing. Since the business has been built upon quality and Customer satisfaction, Hero Plumbing, LLC is a participating contractor in the African American Chamber of Commerce’s, Certified Professional Grade Contractor program.

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