Program helps moms, infants sustain a healthy lifestyle

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The Center for Quality Community Life, Inc (CQCL). is a non-profit center founded by Executive Director Kathy Carter in 2010.

The CQCL mission is to provide relief to the low income, distressed and underprivileged families in the Community.

The Center for Quality Community Life has implemented the Moms & Infants Learning Wellness (MILW) program is to assist expectant moms, moms and infants sustain a healthy life style.

Moms and Infants Learning Wellness Program (MILW) offers prenatal services for eligible women of all ages to improve birth outcomes among women who are at high risk of low birth rate outcome.

Expectant mothers receive a Care Coordinator who ensures mom’s and the baby’s health by assisting to gain access to medical, educational, social, vocational and other services related to their pregnancy.

However, the Executive Director explained “MILW program has a great concern with the recent statistics provided in an article “Young Lives Lost” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/23/2011.

The MILW team acknowledges it is a series issue in our community and will be at the forefront of educating and providing prevention to MILW clients. MILW has exceptional Care Coordinators and genuinely care about their clients and provide continual follow up to ensure their client’s babies are safe.

MILW Nurse Rosalyn Garwood shares “Knowledge is the best tool we can offer our clients. Our goal is to educate new mothers to promote the health and safety of our children.

We will focus on many issues, particularly the issue of co-sleeping with infants, the risks they may be taking, and offer safe and healthy alternatives”.

The Center for Quality Community Life has extended its services to work with the City of Milwaukee Health Department and collaborate in any way possible to educate, provide prevention and any other additional assistance.

The MILW program is adamant about getting the understanding that it can happen to “Your Baby” and simple steps can prevent inherent sadness and heart break to the mom and the family, just by placing baby in a safe sleep environment.

It really is that easy. The thought of “it won’t happen to mine”” REALLY!” “ I mean REALLY!” “Why, Why, take that risk, with a such a precious little baby, your baby, especially when there are resources available to assist with a safe sleep environment for baby.” “Why?” Questions the Executive Director and is determined that MILW will be a part of the solution.

If you are pregnant and in need of prenatal care coordination services MILW wants to be there to see you bring your beautiful baby into the world and give your baby every chance of being safe and grow and thrive in the Community.

Through a personal interview with a care coordinator, an initial assessment is completed. An assigned care coordinator will work with expecting mom to develop a care plan that will assist client take the best possible care of themselves and their baby – during pregnancy and after baby is born.

Care Coordinator will provide community resources that will work directly to assist mom and baby to sustain a healthy life style.

Care Coordinators continue to work with the mom’s after they have their babies to assist mom’s to achieve and maintain prevention, wellness and sustainability in their lives and the lives of their baby.

MILW will provide initial assessment, care plan development, ongoing care coordination and monitoring, health education and nutrition, referrals and counseling.

The goal of the Moms and Infants Learning Wellness (PNCC/CCC) Program is improved birth outcome among pregnant moms.

The main objectives are to insure pregnant moms;

Are identified as early as possible in their pregnancy

Receive individual support and services

Receive early and continuous prenatal care services

Receive necessary health and nutrition education

Referred to community services, as needed

Educate moms on the importance of providing a safe sleep environment

Prenatal Care Coordination will:

Assist pregnant moms find a doctor

Provide health and nutrition classes to pregnant moms

Provide effective parenting education

Assist with socioeconomic concerns such as; employment, education, W2, WIC, etc.

Continue coordinating services after delivery of baby and until baby’s seventh birthday.

Show pregnant moms and moms how to earn items for themselves and their baby through the program.

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