Proposal For Adoption Of The Future America National Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Institute To Put Life Into And Actualize The American Dream Initiative

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Dear Honorable Barack Obama, President of the United States,

I have some great news to share with you! Reverend Dr. W. Ronald (Abeyomi) Evans, president of the Dr. Booker T. Washington National Business League (1900) has done the pioneering work in setting up a very effective National Executive Committee that was designed to build a national platform upon which every aspect of the Ethnic American Family could participate fully in putting life into Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1963 American Dream and Philosophy!

Rev. Dr. Evans has acquired the basic research that gives all participants the necessary new tools that enable each person to get the job done effectively and he has authorized the National Executive Director, Dr. Kilolo Ajanaku, to invite me and the World Conference of Mayors (WCM) to join the pioneering commitment of four Mayors; Mayor James L. Walls of District Heights, Maryland, Mayor Andre DeBerry of Holly Springs, Mississippi, Mayor Robert Smith, of Columbus, Mississippi and Mayor Wardell Walton, Belzoni, Mississippi in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr American Dream Team Model Cities Initiative! I have accepted and I ask that you join me in this great and rare opportunity that has enormous and positive economic/business, cultural, political and global ramifications!

A more perfect America and Global Community is so sorely needed in out perilous times, and in the United Stated we have all the hidden dimensions in our culture that can be professionally mined, brought to the surface for our use and it is all renewable human resource and boundless energy that comes with the birth of every baby! This fact is uniquely spelled out by Thomas Jefferson, the author of the American Creed that is found in our unique Declaration of Independence (1776), and that was so eloquently brought down to our times through the poetic and literary proficiency of President Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address to the American Nation and the World (1863)!


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