PULSE OF THE COMMUNITY – “How are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mother?”

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Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp

We asked four individuals-three at the recently held American Liver Foundation event, “Flavor of Wisconsin,” and one at an event sponsored by Voice of the Fatherless Child–this question of the week given the approach of Mother’s Day: “How are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mother?”

get-attachment.aspx7Pastor Wilbur Baker, Jr.-Northshore Christian Church: “Breakfast for Mothers at our church, sponsored by and served by the men and children; then dinner for my wife with gifts.”







Valencia Baker-Northshore Christian Church: “I will start my Mother’s Day by calling my mom, grandmother, and God-Mother. I do this every year because I don’t take still having them in my life for granted. Next, I will attend Sunday service at Northshore, and lastly, I will enjoy the rest of the day with my husband and family after a very nice dinner (maybe my husband will cook it!-lol)get-attachment.aspx8








get-attachment.aspx9Shameka McGee: “I will spend my Mother’s Day with my mother and daughter. We will celebrate how we have overcome all struggles to get where we are.”







Duke Montgomery: “For Mother’s Day, I plan on flying to Virginia and surprising my mother. Recently, she has gone through a very rough time medically, (but) she’s a tough woman. No one knows (I’m coming). It will make her day. At least that’s my intent.”get-attachment.aspx10

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