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Question of the week: “What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving Day?”

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp


Evelyn Morris: “This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my family that has been there for me and my daughter through the good times as well as the bad. Also, I am thankful for my job. I always wanted to be able to give back and working at a non-profit organization has been a very fulfilling experience.”


Elder Alvin Morris: “Being a Vietnam vet, I thank God for life. I’m also thankful for Mt. Zion Healing Temple and being over the men’s department, (where I can) help young men every day. (I’m thankful for) my family and for being a retired truck driver. I give thanks for being able to help throughout the community.”


Roderick Rush, M.Ed: “I am thankful to have family that wants to spend time together; meet, greet, eat, laugh and pray with each other as we reflect on our loved ones who have passed on and look to the future for unknown blessings. I am truly thankful.”


Jazzy Kathy: “I’m thankful to the Lord for being alive and to have such great friends. We are all blessed





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