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Question of the Week: “What is your favorite memory of Harry Kemp?”

Photos and question by Yvonne Kemp


Janette Herrera: “Harry was known for his gentleness, and the fact that he didn’t let anyone upset him, made Harry who he was. I never saw him angry and his smile was awesome.”


Jenelle Elder-Green: “I met Kemp–that’s what I called him–when I moved to Milwaukee. I stayed at the YMCA and Harry worked there. Harry remained a close friend who was dependable and efficient. I admired his consistency and professionalism.”


Larue Nedd: “Harry went to the Pfister to do an interview with (actress, singer and former Miss America) Vanessa Williams. Harry took a picture of me and Vanessa. Every time I would see Harry, I would ask for a copy (of the photo). It was our joke. I never got that photo.”


Scott Pollard: “Harry would show up for an event fashionably late. He would start taking photos so smoothly that one never noticed he wasn’t present the entire time. He practiced the ‘Kemp smooth move’ to perfection






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