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Question of the Week: “Is President Obama going to get what he wants from the U.S. Congress in order to avoid the ‘Fiscal Cliff?’ Why or why not?”

Photo and question by Yvonne Kemp


Dr. Mark A. Allen, Sr.: “I believe the president will be successful in moving past the Republican standoff and push his agenda forward because they need to gain the support and respect of all Americans. God has a plan for our president and he will see it through.”


Roberta Walker: “Yes. I think the Republicans will work with the president this year. Due to seeing figures on paper and hoping to improve our country in its debt and a second chance to improve jobs and schooling and medical needs in our country and not in countries across the waters. I also think the president will be more demanding in getting things improved.”


Jai Strawbridge: “I feel that President Obama will not get all that he has proposed, but there will be a compromise. The impact is too devastating for the House of Representatives to be the ones who brought the country down, without sitting at the table and begin a process to help the working class of America.”


Pastor Robert Angel: “What will determine the Republicans giving President Obama what he wants will be the desires of their constituency. I believe factors like disposable income, GNP and GDP will be huge determinants. If those factors adversely affect corporate profits, there may be the level of cooperation that the president desires.”






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