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Question of the Week: “How important is it to know your family history?”

Photos and questions by Yvonne Kemp

Brotha Oshi: “Your history will root you and ground you in the knowledge of yourself. There’s nothing better than knowledge of self.”

Tony Burroughs: “It’s important to know our family history because our ancestors cannot speak for themselves. We tell their stories because they maybe left out of the history books due to racism and discrimination; plus, our ancestors give us inspiration.”

Deborah Abbott, Ph.D: “It instills pride in our race and it proves that we can come through anything and survive. It also helps us to learn our own history and to realize that without Black History there would be no U.S. History.”

Sherry Hill: “It is very important because it helps a person have a sense of who they are and a sense of what they are capable of becoming or overcoming.”






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