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Question of the Week: How important is your health to you? What are you doing to stay healthy?

Photos & Question by Yvonne Kem

Nathan Conyers: “Just like death, every living human being has a date with illness. And whether health issues afflect you when you are young or old, it impedes your ability to take care of yourself. Having been ill for an extended period of time, I recognized how critical it was to have caring and understanding loved ones to assist me during recovery. Taking medication responsibly, wanting to get well, were also key ingredients that aided me during recovery.”

Doris Dobson: “My health is very important to me. I exercise everyday with my daughter and at the Clinton and Bernice Rose Center every other day and walk two miles (a day). I just joined the stepping class.”

Bennie Bowie: “My health is my life. I exercise every week at Holy Redeemer. I do home care for the elderly and I volunteer at the Clinton and Bernice Rose Center and Hunger Task Force. I love people!”

George Neal: “My health is very important to me. I ride a stationary bicycle everyday and a twist machine three times a week. I lost 113 pounds so I watch my food intake to maintain my weight loss.”





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